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"Always classy, never trashy and a little bit sassy."

"Happy New Year with a lot of Happy Endings!" LoL­čśç

Hi, my name is Sunny Honey an Independent VIP Escort in Z├╝rich, Bern, Geneva and all Switzerland with Ayurvedic roots. In my blog you will see only a few pictures of my escort highlights. Beside The Dolder Grand, Baur Au Lac, Victoria Jungfrau, Hyatt. There were also Renaissance, Sheraton, Marriott, Palaces, Hilton, Radisson, Alden and many other places which I forgot to make pictures. What an adventurous time that was! LoL­čśç

To work as an escort you need to love humans, physical interactions with a stranger, and also need to be a little crazy. ­čśů

Just saying if you are looking for me, I'm the one with the mole on her left hips. My secret birthmark. LoL­čśő

ÔÇťGo where your heart takes you.ÔÇŁ

Looking forward to diplomatic overnight stays in Geneva 2022!

Can I borrow your shirt to sleep?! ­čĄ¬

Had an Outcall to a private luxury home in Canton Bern, with a top view. It's always nice to meet personalities from Switzerland or from around the World. Especially when they already booked you years ago, and that feels like meeting a good old friend. Next time he'll cook for me. Wow! That's why I love to meet my clients. They treat me very well and so do I. ­čĄę

With this photo I let you know about the investment for 2 hours companionship with me! I love to invest in educations, health, language schools, travels and horses. ­čśŐ

The High Profile Escort Meetings with "Men of the World" are very inspirational and exciting to me. Sharing global view, life stories and companionship in a luxury hotel is so adventurous. Especially when we wait in front of the lift and act like we don't know each other...and as soon we are in the room, we act like best friends on fire! LoL­čśů­čöą­čîÄ High Class Escort, Hotel Hyatt in Z├╝rich. ÔşÉÔşÉÔşÉÔşÉÔşÉ

Even a high profile escort needs some relaxation, calling it self-care treatment. I choose for muscle tension a thai massage or for body-mind-soul, an Ayurveda massage with Hammam & SPA. That's my personal after Escort Ritual. Sometimes I have clients which give me a little back massage for start, I love this too! If we know and like each other for some time, I would also join you for a SPA/Travel Arrangement. ­čśŹ

Updated the website design by myself, how do you like it? With the Desktop Version it looks even more fun. Will keep my blog as a memory but not updating every NEWS, because I realize that my circle has become pretty high profile, and I want to provide maximum DISCRETION. ­čśŐ

Book Sunny Honey VIP Escort as your Travel and Hotel Companion, Overnight Wellness Weekend Getaways, Short Trips or just few fun hours in your Hotel. Looking forward to hear from you! Please use the Pre-booking Calendar or Contact Form to set up a meeting with me. I will get back to you as soon you've sent me all details. Thank you! ­čÖĆ­čĆŻ

Hey let's travel somewhere, said the bear! ­čî׭菻

Top Travel Companion in Switzerland.
Top Travel Companion in Switzerland.

Happy to meet International and National Business Clients. Escort in Z├╝rich, Bern, Geneva Switzerland & from around the World. ­čĄę

VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern Switzerland & around the World
VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland

The purpose of our lives is to be happy. You inspire me, I inspire you...

Escort Service in Z├╝rich & all Switzerland
Escort Z├╝rich, Bern Schweiz

Discretion & Privacy, your secret is safe with me. We respect each others boundaries. That's why communication is the Golden Key. ­čöĹ

VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland
VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland

It was great to meet you again and thanks for your support. To wake up on a Sunday morning with a "high-profile champagne hangover was a new adventure!" Interlaken secret Hotel Place and new Hotspot. I go for a walk in the rain now. LoL­čŹż­čĄ¬

The Day after tomorrow, because time is Sugar..Ôčśä

Escort in Bern Area. Thank you for a fun time in Kursaal Bern, it's an amazing place, I love it. Especially the bear at the entrance. Feeling joyful and bearish. ­čÉ╗­čĄę

VIP Travel & Hotel Escort. Let's Fly Away! ­čî×

VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland
VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland

Video with me and myself. :)

A new photo straight outta kitchen. Are you hungry?! LoL­čśť

VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland
VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland

My favorite Hotel for an Arrangement is Marriott in Zurich, because there is also a back entrance and you can pick me up with the elevator discreetly. The Hotel is right at the river, with a wonderful view over the City of Z├╝rich. This is my recommendation for you if you like to book Sunnyhoney VIP Escort in Switzerland. ­čśë

Escorting is a side job to me, once in a while. And if so, I don't take more than 1-2 bookings per Day. That's why, pre-book your Date early enough min. 5 to 24 hours in advance, in order to make sure that I'm available. My regular working hours are from 10am to 10pm. With a high class escort you invest for the time not for the service. The main focus is companionship and sex is a 2nd thought. Check my service list to see what's possible in this time and also my helpful Escort Etiquette. My clients are mostly national and international business gentlemen with good manners. This makes me happy, and I want to make you happy!

VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland
VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland

I'm healthy and visit regular preventive health check-ups. Hope you too. ­čśŐ

VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland
VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland

HELLO I'm back after a 2 year timeout! Who want's to be my first client?! Aug. 2021 Booking by appointment. ­čśä

If you're on a short business trip in Switzerland and need a companion for more than just a few hours and with a deeper connection, then consider booking the 3 Night Sugar Baby Arrangement. If you are interested in this arrangement please request the booking at least 1 week in advance, to ensure my availability. 

VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland
VIP Escort Z├╝rich, Bern & all Switzerland

One of my favorite booking the Overnight at the Hotel Victoria Jungfrau in Interlaken surrounded by the beautiful lakes and mountains. There is no better way to wake up the next morning to a knock on the door with room service delivering a healthy fresh breakfast for both of us. I enjoy spending time with my regular international clients around the world thanks for such an amazing and inspirational weekend! ÔşÉÔşÉÔşÉÔşÉÔşÉ

Overnights in the Top Suite Dolder Grand Hotel Zurich, with Dinner room service. Always with some great inspirational talks by the fireplace and a lot fun in that awesome suite with lake view balcony. ÔşÉÔşÉÔşÉÔşÉÔşÉ